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    Changzhou Tianhe International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in Changzhou on October 23, 2002. The predecessor of the company, Changzhou Tianyi Chemical Co., Ltd., was founded on May 11, 1998. Our company is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, a city situated in eastern China's coastal areas and a place gathering small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Besides, we have set up a branch in Shanghai, so as to provide customers with high-quality products, considerate technical support and fast logistics services. 
    Since our establishment, the company has committed to the development and marketing of imported chemicals in the domestic market, with particular attention to the quality of imported chemicals for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in China. 

    Now, our company have grown into a professional trader of imported chemicals and services for the industries of coatings, inks, adhesives, composites, plastics, building materials and so on. Currently, we have been serving as a China-based provider of agent distribution services for many foreign chemical companies, such as Cristal (Switzerland), Clariant (Switzerland), Siliconi (Italy), ShinEtsu Tylose (Germany), Wacker (Germany), Vencorex (France), Protex (France), OMG(America), Perstorp (Sweden), Rhodia (France) , etc.  

    The products of our services include: rutile-type titanium dioxide, hydroxyethyl cellulose ether, HDI curing agent, defoamer, biocides, wetting agents, dispersing agents, film-forming aids, neutralizer, water repellent, resin & emulsion, thickeners, levelling agents, anti-corrosion agents, matting agents, accelerator etc. 

    Through the operation and development of more than 10 years, we have fostered a professional sales team and a stable customer network. However, we will never stop developing, and we sincerely welcome more people to join our team and work together for the future of the company. We are planning to import more environmentally friendly, safe and competitive European-made chemicals in the future, to provide more high-quality chemicals for Chinese enterprises, and to make bigger efforts to improve the quality of products made in China. 

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